Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode Three

Love this guy.
I have to say, I'm loving this season -- which is surprising because I was not a supporter of the theme when it was first announced. I feel like I'm getting a special Survivor treat for superfans only every week.

That is, aside from Colton, who I talk about in my video, but who I do not want to dwell on much either. Honestly, it kind of serves the producers right for casting him again, even if it sucks for viewers. I really hate when contestants quit.... but it also pisses me off that they're making such bad decisions in bringing back "controversial" players. Brandon Hantz, anyone?! I mean, bring back villains like Abi-Maria, not crazies like Colton. I don't feel bad for him. Jeff is right -- he should have just stayed on the couch. How immature.

Other things I cover in this week's video are the challenge, where I thoroughly enjoyed watching loved ones battle each other, Tadhana's voting strategy, which I don't agree with, and my favorites, which haven't evolved all that much since the beginning. I'm still rooting for Tyson to take it all -- and even more so after this episode. I also love Aras and Vytas.

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