Thursday, October 25, 2012

Survivor: Philippines - Episode 6 in 120 seconds

Watch as this great big ball of complexity unwinds...
My my, how times flies...! We're already at the end of Episode 6 of the season, which means.... the merge is imminent! Every decision counts! (Well, every decision always counts, but they're even more important at this point in the game.)

I can't say this episode was the most exciting of the season, but it's a solid continuation of a strong season, and in that respect, it's still very much worth watching. There are really only two main things to discuss from this episode: the deal struck between Kalabaw (read: Penner) and Tandang (read: Mike Skupin), and Penner's actions which led his name to be thrown around preceding Tribal Council.

Things I'm looking forward to are Abi (hopefully) digging herself into a hole with her actions, RC picking herself up and getting back into the game (she's grown on me, what can I say?), the merge and seeing Malcolm and Denise reunite.

And here are my thoughts in 120 seconds... Go! [Note: I talked about the "Immunity Challenge" at the top of the video when I meant the "Reward Challenge..." Oops!]

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Survivor: Philippines - Episode 5 in 130 seconds

Maybe we'll see these two warriors facing off again
 at the end... *fingers crossed*
How refreshing to have such a solid season of Survivor! I'm bummed about certain series of events, but only because I'm invested -- not because they're a result of lackluster candidates or lame [or worse: no!] moves. Welcome back, Survivor!

Speaking of welcomes: welcome back Reward Challenges! I was waiting and waiting, and finally, they are here. I suppose they were delaying them in order to give more air time to the contestants (which failed in many ways... right Kalabaw?), but I'm excited to see some more of those signature Survivor challenges back in action!

On my mind this week are my disappointment at Matsing's decimation, a.k.a. the separation of Malcolm and Denise, how they've played their cards as a result, how Dawson made a huge mistake that definitely cost her the game, and how I would totally have hugged Jeff Probst had I been in her position. Also, and this isn't in the video, I'm very impressed and relieved to see that Penner has his game face on and is kicking butt as far as I can see. It was a rocky start, but somehow, he managed to make most of his bad moves in one go at the start when he had several free Tribals to buy himself time and make amends to climb his way to the top. Well done!

Without further ado... my latest video... in 130 seconds. Note at the end: first Jeff mentioned = Jeff Kent, last Jeff mentioned = Jeff Probst. Obvi.

What were your thoughts? Excited at the twist? Disappointed? How about that leap across the pit that Carter landed in the Immunity Challenge... rad, right?! Any predictions for the next episode? The preview sounded exciting... Yay Survivor!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Survivor: Philippines - Episode 4 in 70 seconds

Palau // Philippines: The Curse of the Ps?
(minus Panama...)
Survivor fans! I hope this episode was as enjoyable for you all as it was for me! Twists and turns, misleading edits, unbelievable odds, sneaky moves and lots and lots of rain... it had it all!

Wow-wow-wow, I did NOT expect Matsing to lose AGAIN! And they were doing so well! And Denise is SUCH a trooper! The editing was so well done and the hope was so inflated that it really came as a shock when Kalabaw's pots broke before Matsing's. The only positive things about this outcome are that a)  it definitely provided some heart-pumping moments, b) we got to see more of Denise and Malcolm and c) we witnessed some serious game-playing when Denise and Malcolm were working Russell to make him feel comfortable -- particularly Denise. I was sure D. and M. would stick together, but Denise sure did a hell of a job buttering Russell up! Well done, and good riddance!

As for the rest... it's all in the video. Kudos to Pete's clever move with the clue, and happy to see some (a little) more Kalabaw and Tandang action -- all in memorable Survivor-esque shots that really remind you this game is for real.

Favorite quote of the night, and possibly the season: "Can I write you my own check along with the check that you get from Survivor?" [Russell to Denise] Now, that's the only opportunity he'll get to personally reward Denise for her great gameplay.

Note: Yes, I did film this in the kitchen. What can I say, the lighting was better! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Survivor: Philippines - Episode 3 in 150 seconds

Someone needs to tell Dawson that is not a
Survivor-appropriate bathing suit. 
It's getting harder and harder to get my videos under 90 seconds, so I might have to rethink my strategy... but there were a lot of things that made my wheels turn and overall I really enjoyed this episode as well.

First thing: the way the Hidden Immunity Idol is in plain view. That brings up a whole set of new questions about how to go about "finding" it. Do you take it and hide it like other Idols? Or do you rather hide all the clues and leave it where it is to avoid other people noticing its absence and asking unwanted questions? I feel like I would have been so excited to find it that I might not have made the right call on this -- and I don't think Penner did.

Other things on my mind: RC vs. Abi-Maria and the debate of who I dislike the most; Malcolm and Denise continuing to kick butt despite being on a losing tribe, and Angie being eliminated over Russell.

PS. I made a mistake at the top of the video and called the red tribe Tandang instead of Kalabaw, so please disregard that!