Thursday, October 4, 2012

Survivor: Philippines - Episode 3 in 150 seconds

Someone needs to tell Dawson that is not a
Survivor-appropriate bathing suit. 
It's getting harder and harder to get my videos under 90 seconds, so I might have to rethink my strategy... but there were a lot of things that made my wheels turn and overall I really enjoyed this episode as well.

First thing: the way the Hidden Immunity Idol is in plain view. That brings up a whole set of new questions about how to go about "finding" it. Do you take it and hide it like other Idols? Or do you rather hide all the clues and leave it where it is to avoid other people noticing its absence and asking unwanted questions? I feel like I would have been so excited to find it that I might not have made the right call on this -- and I don't think Penner did.

Other things on my mind: RC vs. Abi-Maria and the debate of who I dislike the most; Malcolm and Denise continuing to kick butt despite being on a losing tribe, and Angie being eliminated over Russell.

PS. I made a mistake at the top of the video and called the red tribe Tandang instead of Kalabaw, so please disregard that!

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