Thursday, April 26, 2012

Survivor: One World - Episode 11 in 15 seconds

Blast!!! WHY didn't Troy prevail?!?!! I feel how happy and relieved Chelsea and Kim must have been, but I so wish Kat had done something and that the game had turned on its head a bit. It looks like the girls will be imploding starting next week, but too little too late for me...

Troy: I appreciate you, and I respect your efforts - you really did your best and played a great game. It just sucks that the odds didn't fall in your favor in terms of contestants to play with.

Here are my 15s -- I suppose my last dedicated to Troy... We had a good run. :)

PS. You can [try to] sell me an ocean-front property in Kansas any time.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Survivor: One World - Episode 10 in 15 seconds

And once again, the better plan gets thrown out the window by short-sighted players. When they're ready to make a move, it will be too late... But if Troy wants to stand a chance in winning, he needs to realize the Jury's the one making the decision in the end! Hopefully he can make it back to their hearts and put away that overly vocal frustrated and competitive guy.

Here are my 15s this week!

What was cut off....: "...or he won't get any votes!"

PS. I was also totally moved at the auction by people's reactions to their letters from loved ones... It was impressive to see their facial expressions shift from survival in the game to survivor back home with all my family!

Survivor: One World - Episode Nine: You Always Have A Choice

This episode was certainly an opportunity for the guys to turn things around, and they failed... which really disappointed me because for some inexplicable reason, I'm just not rooting for the ladies! That's not say I don't appreciate some of them and their strategy, and maybe I'm more inclined to be swayed by the dashing men on this season, but it is what it is, right?

1. I was surprised by the awareness role reversal in the episode. 

Last time, it was Troyzan who got played and Jay who was hyper-aware of what was going on around him, and this time Troyzan played it safe and Jay trusted too much. I wish they'd managed to pull a fast one on Kim -- and they certainly had the possibility to if they'd played their cards right -- but I suppose Kim is just that good and Jay just lost sight of the game and what was at stake, which clearly Troy did not do.

2. If you want to win, you need to earn it. That means you need to participate in the challenges. 

I was so surprised at the number of people who either barely participated or over-confidently dropped out of that Immunity Challenge. What is this, who can "win" the best food!? No! It's freakin' Survivor! You're not supposed to be eating like a king, you're supposed to be surviving in extreme circumstances as well as playing a heavily strategic game! If you want someone to lose an Immunity Challenge, it's not enough to just sit on the sidelines and hope he drops out. You need to win it instead. That's the way winning contestants have thought in the past, and that's what I seriously missed this episode, as well as last year during that challenge right after Cochran flipped on Savaii. Survivor casters: forget the models, pick the fighters!!

3. I'm also tired of this "I don't have a choice" attitude. 

It's nice that Chelsea has a conscience and all, but when she says things like "I don't have a choice," I get annoyed. Of course you have a choice. Your choice is either to stick with the plan Kim has laid out for you and secure your chances to be in the Final Five/Four/Three, or find a new plan of your own that overthrows the very chick that might just kick your butt at the very end. Those are all choices, and those are all scenarios you need to think about. By saying things like "I don't have a choice," you're basically saying you're willing to ride with whoever steps up to the choices he/she has and follow. That's also known as riding coattails. I don't believe that's how Chelsea actually felt, but I am seeing too much of a similar attitude this season that goes hand in hand with the lack of determination to win challenges.

4. Who has the least chance of winning? 

In an interview between Jeff Probst and Dalton Ross of Entertainment Weekly, Jeff says that the only person he believes doesn't stand a chance to win the game right now is Christina, because people don't respect her and wouldn't vote for her even if she did make it until the end. Others argue Troyzan is the one who has the least chance of winning because he no longer has his Idol and Tikiano will vote him out as soon as he loses Immunity. And as much as I love and respect Troyzan, he ain't no Ozzy! That's not to say I don't want him to win. I am absolutely rooting for him and hope he can pull something out of his hat (and his abs). It's never over until it's over on Survivor...

Who do you think doesn't stand a chance of winning - if anyone? How do you feel about the contestants' attitude towards Immunity Challanges? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Survivor: One World - Episode 9 in 15 seconds

I have to admit, I didn't know who was going home until the very last minute... I'm disappointed it was Jay in a way -- but he was the blind one this week and so he needed to pay those consequences. I'm certainly very glad Troyzan played his Idol, but now he better step it up if he wants a chance to make it to the end. KEEP FIGHTING TROY!!

And as always... here are my 15s... let me know who you're rooting for!

Survivor: One World - Episode Eight: Here Come The.. Clowns?

Now THAT was an AWESOME Reward Challenge!
Though this season has definitely had its share of ups and downs and twists and turns, this episode highlighted some stronger strategic thinking. (Sure, Colton was also strategic, but I can't say I could see his strategy working out well on the long run.) With some of these moves and reactions, I've finally started respecting some of the contestants more -- separately from whether or not I like them.

1. Kim and Jay are the strategic frontrunners, even if they're not super interesting. 

Yes, Sophie and Rob C. predicted their dominance in the game far sooner than I did... And though I never contested it, I can actually picture one of them taking the cake quite clearly now. Kim's strategy is impeccable. Sure, she's not the most exciting person to watch, and her game seems almost too perfect, but she's playing extremely well. She's got options, she's making moves, she's curbing fires when they arise... and she's controlling the game in a way that's not going to cause people to totally hate her either. Jay on the other hand is certainly not in control of the game, but he's very aware of what's happening and making moves to protect himself until he can strike back. Kind of like chess I suppose... I wouldn't rule him out at all just yet.

2. I can't believe Troyzan fell for that...

As much as I like him, I'm pretty disappointed at how quickly he fell for Kim's trap. She played him like a fiddle and he didn't even think twice about it. That just goes to show that this season is lacking strategists... and those who are strategic are either total pricks or just not that likeable. That makes me question the whole 'what are you looking for in a contestant?' issue. Are we looking for clowns that entertain, smarties that control the game, or fools to make us feel like we'd be smarter? Ideally, a combination of all or some of those qualities... and I feel like a lot of the contestants this season aren't displaying a lot of depth.

3. Are the guys screwed?

It's all going to play out in the next episode... but basically, it's in Kim's hands. She could decide to forego her girls alliance and pair up with her original Chelsea, Sabrina, Troyzan and Sab, but without her doing that, the only obvious way a guy will make it further is by winning Immunity over and over and over again. But like I said above... I wouldn't rule out Jay just yet.

What are your thoughts on strategy this season? Disappointed? Impressed? Do you find the contestants interesting in a deeper way than for pure entertainment value?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Survivor: One World - Episode 8 in 15 seconds

Things are looking up! And well, by looking up, I mean looking to be shaken up. Not that this season hasn't had its ups and downs, but I feel like strategy - the proper kind - has been scarce and limited to 2-3 players. No longer! Kim just orchestrated an amazing blindside - though almost thwarted by Chelsea - and Jay is awake and therefore very exciting to watch.

Here are my 15 seconds from tonight's episode! (No longer blog post from last week's up... I wasn't really feeling inspired aside from what I said in my Tout.)