Thursday, March 28, 2013

Survivor: Caramoan - Episode Seven

What's behind Cochran's calm stance...?
It's episode two after the tribe swap, and we're already done and moving to the merge next week. But let's not jump the gun! I'm here to talk about this week's episode.

In the video below, you'll find my thoughts of the moment on Phillip, Cochran, Corinne and Malcolm, including how pathetic, subtle, unsubtle and dangerous they all are, respectively.

A bit underwhelming this week overall, so I'll keep this short. But clearly, the hope never dies.... and maybe the merge will inject some strategy into these people! We're already more than halfway through the season now, come on!

Best quote of the episode: "I'm tempted to say that [Julia] has a vanilla personality, but that would be doing a great disservice to the flavor of vanilla. I mean, people actively seek out vanilla-flavored products. [...] Nobody's clamoring for anything Julia-flavored." -- John Cochran

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Survivor: Caramoan - Episode Six

I'm rooting for Brenda, Malcolm and
Cochran to pick things up.
We made it to the mix... and things are still underwhelming. Now, we've still got two uneven tribes but in a different way -- rather than experience vs. newness, we have extremely strong vs. just not strong enough. I'm not saying strength is everything, but challenges have been very brawn heavy this season, and it's not doing the new Bikal any favors.

The Fans are overall very disappointing and not trying to make big moves at all -- just saving their skin for 3 more days. I love the Favorites obviously, but I didn't want it to be quite this much of a landslide in their favor. There are definitely cracks in the Favorites armor that the Fans could have taken advantage of, but instead everyone just decided to blurt out everything they could think of, which is a clear sign of playing to stay a few extra days rather than playing to win. I'm not saying it's never possible for "3 more days" (as Sandra would put it!) to turn into a million dollars, but in the Fans case and given the game of the remaining ones until now, I think it's very unlikely.

I didn't talk about Phillip in this video, but it's clear to me he also stands no chance of winning. Clearly everyone finds him ridiculous and annoying, but they all know it's in their best interest to humor him, at least for now.

What I do touch on -- and we talk about this too in the podcast I did with a fellow fan (see below) -- is how Tribal Council has turned into a therapy free-for-all where everyone just blurts out everything. Corinne did just that this episode, and I think that really could hurt her. Not to mention, I found her unnecessarily bitchy and just annoying too. Once Favorites start turning on themselves, it's obvious she's on the bottom of the totem pole. I'm surprised she was up for Player of the Week this week!

Anyway, here's my video below! Take a look and let me know what you think about the season so far, how the mix might be a good and/or bad thing, and who you think has it in him or her to win it. Parvati endorsed Cochran in her latest Survivor After-Show, and I'm rooting for either Brenda, Malcolm or... Cochran too.

In other news, as I mention in the video, I did an awesome podcast with a fellow fan on It's a full season recap until last episode, and it's really long. A bit self-indulgent, but it'd be awesome if you joined in on the convo and took a listen! We're looking into doing more of these each week.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Survivor: Caramoan - Episode Five

Do we even want to know what's
going through his head?
Well, we finally saw it: Brandon Hantz's meltdown. What did you think? Was it what you expected? Better? Worse?

I should start by saying I'm relieved it wasn't worse. Yes, losing the beans and the rice in a game where you already have very little food has got to be very scary and difficult. And sure, witnessing someone's mental instability and eventual breakdown when you're isolated on an island with him must be very trying on the nerves and morale. But given some of the shots we saw in the preview last week, and considering the comparison made with Skupin's fire incident, I was actually worried that someone was going to get seriously injured. So I'm relieved that wasn't the case.

As for the meltdown itself -- I was caught between laughing in incredulity and feeling some of the dread these guys were clearly showing. For the most part, I was really impressed with how everyone handled it -- Jeff included. Most of them obviously knew -- and more importantly were able -- to brush their discomfort under the rug for as long as possible in order to calm Brandon down in his outbursts. Corinne's announcement on behalf of the tribe was very put together and controlled, while still saying it like it was, and I appreciated that, though it might bite her in her in the butt if she did that without the whole tribe's actual consent... Phillip on the other hand was absolutely egotistic and borderline idiotic in his reactions. He is the epitome of a tautologist who finds many ways to say nothing at all -- or at least nothing helpful. There is no doubt he contributed to Brandon's downward spiral, and I'm actually quite tired of watching him at this point, pink undies and all. More on that in the video.

Speaking of which, this video is slightly longer than my usual length -- but there was clearly lots to say. In it, I talk a little bit about the Russell vs. Brandon comparisons we've been hearing, the integrity of the game (and Jeff) in handling the situation and how this might affect the Faves moving forward, among other things. I also touch on Reynold finding the Idol -- again -- and whether or not there should be another Idol in play in general, and finally, the tribe mixup next week!

Looking forward to your comments -- below or straight on the YouTube page.

PS. Just saw this tweet by Russell.... Seeing how proud he is, I wonder whether I should even bother defending him! (But #enHantzed is pretty cool, I hate to say it...) (Ok, after some research, found out enHANTZed is actually a thing... View at your own risk.)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Survivor: Caramoan - Episode Four

Did anyone figure out what they were looking at??
OMG guys, great episode, right!?? This is the first episode I've been super excited about so far this season -- especially given all the hype about how awesome this season is, even better than last season, etc. There's lots to talk about in this episode, like Shamar's evacuation, the Stealth R Us expansion, the ultimate elimination and what other scenarios could have gone down, which I always love to go over -- all in the video below.

In other news... Remember when I said we didn't get to see a lot of the Fans after episode one?! Well that's definitely changed! Obviously it all depends on who loses, and the Fans have definitely been losing too much for a balanced season. I'm looking forward to when the tribes mix -- it'll give new life to some of the players [*cough* Eddie and Reynold *cough*] and also mix up this ridiculous Stealth R Us alliance. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely great to see the Favorites coasting -- they are the favorites after all -- but while I've been impressed with some of the Fans, overall their tribe has been wearing to watch (I say this from my comfortable and cozy room...) and I want to see more Faves! (Clearly I will get my wish next episode... Yikes.)

Watch the video and let me know what you thought! I was definitely surprised that the whole tribe voted for Laura... Didn't see that one coming though I guess it's a good thing the remaining alliance stuck together in the vote at least, but I think it was mistake on the long run, even if they win the next challenge.

What about you? Surprised/Disappointed/Glad at the outcome of the vote? Relieved about Shamar's med evac? Thoughts on WTF happened to make Brandon turn psycho next episode? (Let's face it, that teaser almost took all of the attention off of the episode...)