Thursday, November 29, 2012

Survivor: Philippines - Episode 11 in 250 seconds

A priceless screenshot of how Abi's "social skills" and
"charm" have seduced the gang.
As the season progresses, the potential outcomes begin to dwindle... but that doesn't mean this season isn't still exciting. Abi proved her worth as a perfect Survivor casting choice again this episode by kicking up her game a notch and playing hard. Her actions definitely seemed obvious from a viewer's perspective, but other contestants may not see through her the way we do and if they don't, she just bought herself another 3 days on the island. Nicely done missy!

[Fun Fact: Check out Abi's bio on the CBS Survivor page. It'll make you chuckle and scoff -- guaranteed. Hint: You'll find words like "charming," "social skills" and "motivator."]

I was definitely disappointed to see Penner go -- he must be one of my favorite all-stars and though I find his moves fall short of my expectations at times, his counter-moves are often brilliant. He's a great player and if his game were more consistent, he could definitely have made it all the way.

All that said, I'm so glad that Malcolm and Denise are still in it -- and boy are they in it to win it. I think Skupin is their biggest competition at this point, and Skupin's best option moving forward would be to get rid of them and go with Lisa and Carter to the end. He would win by a landslide. But because I'm rooting for Malcolm, I'm hoping that won't happen. I think that as long as Malcolm can make it to the Final Tribal Council, he will win.

Check out my video below, which goes into a bit more depth on these budding thoughts above, and let me know your reactions in the comments!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Survivor: Philippines - Episode 10 in 265 seconds

"That was fun!"

The outcome of this episode may not have been as scandalous as previous episodes, but what makes this season so great is that it could have been... There are so many options, potential twists and strong contestants that nothing is predictable even when the 'most predictable' outcome comes to pass.

For this video, I've broken it down by contestants, starting with Miss Abi, who I think is a true villain (I mean, Parvati, Sandra and Candice were hardly villains!) and also a true Survivor gem. As much as I dislike her behavior on a personality level, I love her completely on a Survivor level. Scoring her was casting gold and I wouldn't be surprised to see her return in future season -- though I don't think she'd do well, but hey, she could learn and actually turn out to be an incredible returning player.

Other things on my mind this week are: Penner's idiotic response to a potential Final Three with Skupin and Lisa, Malcolm's risky but rewarding move (he is the only remaining contestant with an active Idol!) and Skupin's game and why he didn't choose to eliminate Malcolm.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Survivor: Philippines - Episode 9 in 215 seconds

That was a SUPER hard challenge (that I would've
loved to try). Go Skupin for killing it!

Another solid episode today! I didn't hear what I expected from Jonathan and Skupin regarding their votes from last episode... Nevertheless, some interesting plays went down and ultimately, the evil trio was separated! YES!

I think Penner is at the top of his game right now (despite some questionable moves throughout the season), and I love that Pete recognized that when he wrote Penner's name down. It's refreshing to have Jeff and his tunnel-vision on returning players out and to see the game go down with decisions made because they make strategic sense rather than to fulfill some egotistic need.

I was also really excited to see a group of players that don't hold unnecessary grudges. That's going to make for one of the most interesting and fair Final Tribal Councils in a while!! Malcolm's reaction towards Lisa was on point, and well ultimately also strategic. Clearly she still needs some buttering up, but I hope she'll come around by the next episode. Penner's also played his cards right in moderate reactions -- despite several moments where I was concerned he would flip out at his alliance. And even Pete didn't overreact at Malcolm's betrayal -- though I'm sure he was disappointed. You could see it in his face last week.

So what's next now? How are the dice going to fall? Who will end up at the end with a chance of winning? All things on my mind this week... and in my video below.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Survivor: Philippines - Episode 8 in 225 seconds

Were they lined up that way intentionally...??
Holy moly, what a great episode!!! This season is just full of great moments, and this ep was among the best I've seen, no doubt. Tribal Council was ridiculous, and so many outcomes were on the table. Turns out the least exciting (but maybe that'll make for the most exciting moves next week?) happened, but the process was amazing to watch nevertheless.

It looks like this season could go any which way and there are still a great number of variables that could swing things left, right or diagonally. My biggest question mark right now is WHAT THE HELL WERE PENNER AND SKUPIN THINKING!??? Their votes are what changed everything at Tribal and I wonder where they came from. Any theories?? I'd be curious to hear them. I'm going to say they concerted with one another beforehand and orchestrated this strategically, and if that's the case, I cannot wait to hear what their end game was.

While missing out on voting Malcolm out may be several people's demise, it's not over yet -- and well I certainly can't say I'm disappointed it didn't work out. I'm definitely definitely rooting for Malcolm the most, and Denise very closely after. And though I think it's a long shot for him, if Penner can make it to the Final Three, he certainly deserves to win too.

On my mind in images this week: Lisa's move, blow opportunities and their consequences, Malcolm's move with the Idol and future alliances...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Survivor: Philippines - Episode 7 in 200 seconds

And then there were 10...
As predicted, the merge took place this week on Survivor and all hell broke loose -- making for both good TV and interesting new avenues for our lovely season 25 contestants.

At the Immunity Challenge, Denise kicked butt yet again! I certainly hope she will keep doing so and stay safe as long as possible. I think she could have probably outlasted the guys in this challenge, and I think they know it too... so let's hope that doesn't turn against her.

Given that two Kalabaw members won the Immunity Challenge though, I was even more surprised that they still turned on each other and targeted Penner. That was a very stupid move on their behalf, and though I understand that Denise and Skupin probably just went along with it, I would have hoped they had been able to talk some sense into Jeff and Carter and stick together as a reigning new 6. They would have easily taken out the Pete/Abi/Artis alliance -- which I seriously can't stand -- and anything would have been possible for Jeff, Carter, RC and Skupin... Penner on the other hand looks like he's bound to be ejected at some or other, and now it's just going to be about watching how. I'm still rooting for him, but my hopes aren't very high.

Malcolm and Denise are still keeping their cards close, despite Lisa's intrusion... Let's hope that all works out for them. We didn't see much about it this week.

What's next Dangrayne? (Possibly one of my least favorite names for a merged tribe...)

Here are my thoughts and feelings about this week's episode:

How do you feel about this episode? Will you miss RC? Does Penner still stand a chance? Let me know in the comments!