Thursday, November 15, 2012

Survivor: Philippines - Episode 9 in 215 seconds

That was a SUPER hard challenge (that I would've
loved to try). Go Skupin for killing it!

Another solid episode today! I didn't hear what I expected from Jonathan and Skupin regarding their votes from last episode... Nevertheless, some interesting plays went down and ultimately, the evil trio was separated! YES!

I think Penner is at the top of his game right now (despite some questionable moves throughout the season), and I love that Pete recognized that when he wrote Penner's name down. It's refreshing to have Jeff and his tunnel-vision on returning players out and to see the game go down with decisions made because they make strategic sense rather than to fulfill some egotistic need.

I was also really excited to see a group of players that don't hold unnecessary grudges. That's going to make for one of the most interesting and fair Final Tribal Councils in a while!! Malcolm's reaction towards Lisa was on point, and well ultimately also strategic. Clearly she still needs some buttering up, but I hope she'll come around by the next episode. Penner's also played his cards right in moderate reactions -- despite several moments where I was concerned he would flip out at his alliance. And even Pete didn't overreact at Malcolm's betrayal -- though I'm sure he was disappointed. You could see it in his face last week.

So what's next now? How are the dice going to fall? Who will end up at the end with a chance of winning? All things on my mind this week... and in my video below.

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