Thursday, April 25, 2013

Survivor: Caramoan - Episode Eleven

I love this tribe flag!
So... it happened. What I feared, but what I knew was coming. No one can say Malcolm didn't play a great game, and it'd be hard to suggest he could have played any better. He was just up against some very strong players, and one in particular who I believe should take it to the end and win it all, this time: Mr. John Cochran.

In my latest video, I go over why I think Cochran not only deserves the Player of the Week award, but also the title of Sole Survivor; how I feel about Malcolm's exit; whether Erik and Sherri made the right moves for their respective games; and a little bit on what's next.

I fear the most exciting episodes of the season are now behind us, but I hope the season will still end strong. In the meantime, we now have Ponderosa videos to enjoy in between eps, and Malcolm's vids are now up! I love how in this one, he admits to having a slightly too large ego and having learned humility in the game. I do believe winning would have been a walk in the park for him had he been a little luckier. In Philippines, he had a terrible losing streak with his first tribe, forcing to play hard much earlier than he needed to, and this season, he was surrounded by some true greats and his tricks just ran out.

Most underrated best part of this episode: Eddie's blurred out crotch when he's just strolling around unawares. It looked hilarious on TV.

Best one liners still go to Cochran. I think he'll hold that title for all-time:

Jeff: How often does that happen? [referring to Cochran licking peanut butter off of Sherri's fingers]
Cochran: More often than you think.

(You have to see it for full effect.)

Survivor gods bless you, Cochran.

And without further ado:


  1. Cochran is getting too cocky. I like his game but last episode totally convinced me to hate him because he wanted Malcolm off so bad. I'm too much of a Malcolm fan to put up with that. I hope he gets blindsided at some point. He is the most deserving to win at this point in the game, though. So, I've got mixed feelings about Cochran and winning - because I also do believe the best player should win. But then I think about how is he going to be some rich lawyer when he grows up and doesn't need the money, but I don't like when people base their votes off of life stories.

    That's why I hope Dawn doesn't win. She's a mother of six and I really hope (if she goes until the end) that she doesn't win because of that sole reason. And I especially hope she wouldn't play that card. She hasn't done anything in this game to be deserving to win. Neither Brenda, or Erik. Andrea deserves it. She's played a great game so far. And Eddie and Reynold(s) are just dumb, but I like how far they've made it after being on the bottom for so long. I'm for them just because they were in Malcolm's alliance. So hopefully Stealth turns on each other this episode. And I am willing to bet Malcolm told Eddie and Reynold about the idol. Hopefully they're smart enough to look. And it will only be worse if Andrea finds it - she'll have so much power. Cochran knows where it was located too - so it should be interesting to see what the two best players will do with this, along with being in the same strong alliance.

    Wow, I love Survivor. Saw your video via Youtube for the first time tonight. I'll keep watching, sounds like you know your shit. Keep up the good work.

    1. hey kevin, welcome to my blog! i LOVE survivor and definitely like to think i know my shit, haha. but mostly i love talking about it with other survivor lovers. :)

      looks like we have being a malcolm fan in common. i think he's the best thing since sliced bread to be honest, but hey, as fabulous as he is, it was the end of the road for him. i think he played an amazing game and fought his hardest, but ultimately what happened during the episode corinne got voted off screwed him irreversibly. it's honestly astonishing he made it as far as he did after that, and a true credo to his survivor-bility. but i am annoyed he didn't look for the idol more than it seems he did. he had nothing to lose and really should have just kept digging. so what if andrea saw him find it?!

      i think cochran came off badly in this episode - especially when he said he's a huge challenge threat. i'm pretty sure he was just being his sarcastic self and inside he was leaping for joy at having won again! i think he definitely deserves to win. he's the ONLY one who went for the strategic advantage aside from malcolm at the auction, and it won him the challenge. he squarely allowed the rest of stealth to vote out malcolm, and he did it instead of buying food, when neither eddie nor reynold even thought about it (idiots). also, cochran did just finish law school, but he doesn't want to become a lawyer. i think he'll be very successful and wealthy in life, but not because of being 'some rich lawyer' but rather because he's a really smart and charismatic guy.

      totally with you re having the best player win. i couldn't agree more about not wanting dawn to win just because she's a mother of six. i somehow don't think with this crowd that that'll happen. unfortunately, brenda or erik have not done much either... but maybe they'll whip something out last minute and pull a fabio. i have mixed feelings about andrea. at times she's playing a very strong game, but then the minute she feels threatened she just wants to go with the 'safe' vote and that annoys me. i actually just met her today at a yoga class.... funnily enough.

      i doubt very much eddie and reynold will be smart enough to do anything but win a few more challenges. if they make it to the end, it'll solely be because the others may think they can beat them, though i think that's risky actually because even though i think it's obvious they've done absolutely nothing but be strong and lucky to have fallen in malcolm's lap, they could pull the 'we've been at the bottom since the very beginning and made it all the way here' card.

      thanks for commenting!!! looking forward to this week's ep! double elimination!

  2. After every episode, I watch the Parvati Survivor After Show on It usually comes out one or two days after the episode airs. Anyways, Malcolm was the guest this week and it was interesting because he said after the auction, (when he got the clue) he immediately went in and started looking for the idol, without Andrea's supervision. He said he looked for literally two hours, using a large shell to dig up and around every tree he could find to the left of the well. His hands were 'bloody and blistery.' It then got dark out, so he woke up early in the morning to dig and look more. It was then that Andrea and Cochran followed him. Here's why he was in a pickle when Andrea was being his little sister: He knew he wasn't going to be able to look for the idol without Andrea around him. So, by not looking anymore, it might have (and did) give Andrea the impression that he does indeed have it, forcing Stealth to split a vote (which they did). If he continued to look for it when she was around him and he couldn't find it, then she would know for a fact that he didn't have it. Then, he would be ultimately screwed because they wouldn't have to split their votes, and that was the only way Malcolm would have stayed in the game with a possible Sherri or Erik vote. I saw where he was coming from. He was basically fucked from the get-go when Andrea and Cochran followed him. No, I take that back!!! If Corrine isn't around him when they find that damn idol, they wouldn't be so connected, and she wouldn't have brought him down by being blindsided by Stealth! I like Corrine, but God damn, she's at fault!

    There's no way I'm going to like Cochran. I'm like, the only one. But yeah, yeah, whatever - best player yadda yadda yadda. Going to have to 'cheer' for him because the best player should win.

    I reallllly hope the next players out aren't Eddie and Reynold. In part because they were with Malcolm and Michael - but largely because that's predictable. I feel like Reynold will win tomorrow's Immunity Challenge, solely because it was featured at the end of last weeks episode. Also, what has me interested is the race for the Idol that Malcolm couldn't find. Yes, Andrea and Cochran knows where it is. However, during Parvati's After Show, Malcolm said that he indeed informed Reynold the whereabouts of the Idol. What if Reynold wins Immunity, and Eddie and Reynold find the idol? Sounds too good to be true, but a possible outcome.

    Another thought - If I see Sherri in the final 3, I'm going to be pissed. She is one of the most unathletic, non-threatening competitors in the history of the show. I think she's fucked though, regardless of how she voted last last week. Still only Fan on Stealth (bottom status), and had she went with Malcolm and gang, they would have bounced her if they all made it to Final 4. So I guess she made the right decision by voting Malcolm out, because she has more of a chance to climb from the bottom of her alliance, what with Dawn and Brenda's names now being thrown around (thanks to CBS sneak peek).

    Hopefully we see a good one tomorrow.

    1. OMG, i don't know why that didn't even occur to me -- that's actually really smart. malcolm seriously thinks of everything, woah. i guess he can leave knowing he really tried everything. he really couldn't have known aligning with corinne (and only by obligation because like you said she was just there when he found the idol) would be his downfall, and he just couldn't get back up from that. such a shame... i like her too, but i think i also said in my video that she's at fault, so you know i'm with ya!

      there's a double elimination tonight, so even if reynold does win immunity, doesn't mean he won't be gone by the end of the episode. i agree that it'd be predictable, but it's still the best move, because they are both serious threats in challenges. that said, we haven't seen many purely endurance or puzzle-based challenges this season, so we really don't know how well they'll fare in the later challenges. they really should have incorporated those more from the get-go. really glad to hear malcolm at least told them about the idol clues! i doubt eddie and reynold have enough wit to really pull through, but winning immunity and finding an idol should be simple enough to pull a move...

      i agree with you about sherri too, though i think it's very possible that for exactly those reasons, we WILL see her in the final three. i was actually very impressed with her at the very beginning of the season, when she was playing very hard and quite strategically, but then she lost all power and somehow still thinks she has it. i do see that she made the right move in not flipping, but i also think at this point she doesn't stand a chance of winning, but really really thinks she does, so is a perfect candidate for the final three. but don't worry, i HIGHLY doubt she would win, so her being in the final three would only be a good move for whoever takes her there.

      i also wouldn't trust brenda and dawn's names being thrown around in the sneak peak, haha. those are always red herrings!

      looking forward to tonight's ep, and THANKS for relaying the after-show info to me! wish i'd had time to watch this week... but definitely want to see it at some point.

  3. Damnit. Fuckin Reynold is gone. Of all people, Sherri and Eddie are the final two Fans left remaining. I could win Survivor for God's sake.