Thursday, April 4, 2013

Survivor: Caramoan - Episode Eight

Hi Mom! I'm on Survivor!
Finally! An exciting episode this season!!! It was definitely a game-changing one and I loved how clearly we could see the two potential directions in which the game could go. Plus, we got a beautiful blindside out of it.

Objectively, I can't say I was leaning towards one side or the other (I have my favorites for the win on each side), so I'm not sad to see Corinne go. But I do salute her efforts to change things up for herself. She tried to make a move, which could have been beautiful, especially with Malcolm on her side, but she made a huge mistake in talking to Dawn, and it cost her big time -- and unfortunately, it cost Malcolm too.

Another big thing that happened this week is we had our first non-physical Immunity Challenge! However excited I was about that, I was NOT excited to have to sit through another Disgusting Food Eating Challenge. I can barely stand watching them, let alone think of having to play one. MAJOR PROPS to Cochran who absolutely KILLED it. I'm so happy he won. Well earned! Now I don't ever want to think about this again.

I'll let you watch the video below for more thoughts on the strategy we saw in this episode and my prognosis for eps to come, but to lay it out black on white here, my current projections is we'll either have (and I think this is the most likely scenario at this point) Cochran, Phillip and Andrew in the Final Three, or Malcolm, Eddie and Reynold, with Cochran and Malcolm winning respectively in each scenario. I'd be more than happy to see Malcolm pull it off, because it'll mean he really earned it, and I feel the same way about anyone else stepping up too, but I think option one is the most likely outcome.

Watch, and please: comment away!

PS. My thoughts definitely go out to Gerald Babin and Thierry Costa's families... The French Survivor who passed away last week on the first day of the season, and the physician from the show who let the pressure of accusations and questioning get to him... No one can blame these people or producers for being negligent. This was clearly a freak accident, and though it's a huge tragedy, I hope people won't just go the "find someone to blame" route and pin it on Survivor.

PPS. My merged tribe's name if I have a say: Enna, or Divad. Sounds pretty cool actually...


  1. I agree. I have some faves here and there - love Cochran but also rooting for Malcolm! I think that it was a totally entertaining episode and loved that there were lots of strategy talks involved! I am hoping things get shaken up so this season will become unpredictable leading to the end.

  2. hey abby! i am SO happy to see strategy talk come back... haha. that's why i totally support corinne in trying to play the game hard, but she just didn't know where to stop and take a break... i think if malcolm can actually pull off a come back, that'll be plenty of shaking up and things being unpredictable, haha. wooot! go cochran and malcolm!