Thursday, March 29, 2012

Survivor: One World - Episode 7 in 15 seconds

Not a bad episode as far as episodes go! Definitely still rootin' for my guy Troyzan. And Tarzan proves to be as entertaining as ever, though I can't say I'd want him on my tribe... That dirt/poop situation would have driven me crazy in just about 2 seconds. That's 7.5 times in one Tout, which you can see below for the latest episode!

Survivor: One World - Episode Six: Too Soon?

...and then there were 12. And they were all alone.
Another eventful episode here on Survivor: One World. Here are my two cents!

1. There is no time on Survivor when picking on someone the way Colton and Alicia picked on Christina is a good move. 

That wasn't even strategic on their part... it was just plain mean. And clearly, with the merge upon them and Alicia without Colton's coattails (which weren't very reliable, but still) is going to suffer the consequences of her insensitivity and lack of foresight - and, well, brains. I'm glad Christina didn't let all that get her down. I'm not her biggest fan either, but her position is due more to the luck of the draw than her character. I hope she does stick it to Colton (post-elimination) and Alicia in some way.

2. I'm glad karma got Colton, but I wish the rest of the contestants had instead. 

I can't say I wasn't happy to see Colton get med'evac'd, but I do wish he'd been sent home in a more spectacular fashion... like let's say, a big kick in the metaphorical backside. Now, all we're going to hear for the end of time is how no one could touch him, how he could have won the whole thing, how he was controlling the game and everyone in it at all moments and how he's the best thing that ever hit Earth. At least that's the last I'll have to say about Colton. I pray he's not invited back on any season - though I don't see why he would be... I can't remember anyone being invited back who didn't make it to the merge. Good riddance bigot!

3. That merge came SO early, and I am NOT happy about it. 

I know they plan challenges and merges in advance and not as adjustments to the show, but this was just weird timing... Also, not cool! I wish they'd stuck to the One World idea longer, and I certainly wished they'd left more than 4 days for the new tribes to form proper alliances. At least when they mixed up the tribes, I felt like the die had already been rolled for the men/women alliances and the consequences already set up for each contestant... Here, it's like it was barely in its caterpillar phase... It'll still be interesting to see how things shape up now that it's an individual game, but I am disappointed they didn't stick to their twists a bit longer.

4. Survivor: One World; definitely a good season, but a very polarizing one at that. 

I will say this is one of the more exciting seasons I've seen in a while, but it's one I can't quite place on my list of favorites either. Favorite seasons always come with favorite contestants, and while there are some I really root/rooted for (Monica; Troyzan), there are many I feel completely indifferent about, a handful I find are making really poor choices in the game (Jonas; Leif), a good few who I really dislike (Colton; Alicia) and a majority I feel totally neutral about. And no one wants someone who they feel neutral about to win the game... So where does that leave this season? In the very very entertaining and eventful category.

What do you think about Colton's departure from the game? Will you miss him? Who do you think will be voted off first post-merge?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Survivor: One World - Episode 6 in 15 seconds

Pheweee!! This season is like watching tennis - I barely have time to look at one side that something changes and I have to look the other. I would have really liked to see some more tribe-bonding/alliance-making and overall strategizing in groups... but so far, this season has kept me on my toes, so I'll trust the game.

Here are my 15 seconds! I feel bad in advance for saying mean things about the contestants... But seriously, this season has got me loving some and really hating others, and if I were to meet Colton or Alicia, I would tell them the same things about my opinion of their actions in the game.

...and the words missing at the end of that clip is "polarized this season!"

Survivor: One World - Episode Five: Peasantries Aside

Bring in the self-titled peasants.
As I mentioned in my 15s Tout, this was certainly an entertaining episode! It's interesting to see one tribe start a positive roll while the other begins to disintegrate... and almost willingly at that. However, I was very upset that my season favorite so far got voted out. I had my doubts about her before the show started, but she really bought me over in the first few eps. Next up: Troyzan, don't let me down!

1. It's very disappointing that the Gendered Tribes and One World twists had to disappear so soon. 

I get that you need to shake up the game every now and then, but really, after just 12 days? Arguably, the gender twist has already had the effect it was going to have on the game, and redistributing the tribes will only build on that. But why take out the One World side of it? The season is called One World after all... I wish they would have stuck to it all the way to the merge - but then again, maybe the producers just know better. I'll have to have faith!

2. Greek Gods vs. Peasants?! Really?

Ok, I will admit that the tribe redistribution was slightly uneven... but honestly, throughout the game thus far, I thought all contestants were fit and/or smart and all brought certain strengths to the game. At first I thought it was to even out the tribes in terms of women and men - get the fittest women you can find and guys that will be able to compete on a mental level too. (Not that it's always defined like that - by no means!) I would have loved to just have the new Manono be confident and own it. And come on, they definitely had some strong members! Too bad they had to vote out the strongest in Monica. Talk about stupid...

3. It's just the luck of the game... And as this would have it, Kim and Chelsea are coming out on top.

Sophie was right, Kim could very well take this whole season. She was biding her time, and when things started going her way, she went after the Immunity Idol, made a thought-out and smart decision to share it with Chelsea and set herself up between two strong alliances that could take her to the end. I'll be very surprised if Kim and Chelsea aren't in the Final Five, and I'm confident at least one of them will be vying for the million dollars at the end. That's what I call forward-thinking and smart.

4. Forward-thinking and smart: two things that do not describe Mr. Colton Crumble.

I get that he's sharp; I see that he's manipulative; it's obvious he's power-hungry. Even if I'm willing to temporarily overlook the sheer short-sightedness/naïveté/idiocy of the ones who fall for his lies and obey his every demand, I can't understand why Colton would vote out Monica. I think it was Rob Cesternino that said a leader of a sinking ship goes down with the ship, and that's very true. Colton will either get blindsided (that's the hope!) or his tribe will just keep losing and once he gets to the merger his power will have evaporated. The best solution in this case - if Colton really wanted to vote out a girl - would have been to oust Alicia given that she actually has ties with the other tribe. If he'd gotten Christina and Monica on his side, he would have landed himself a much stronger alliance than the misfits + Alicia. It looks to me like Colton's just scared to partner with people his own size.

5. Don't underestimate the Tarzan. 

Yes, I hate his name. Yes, it makes him look a lot more brutish than he actually is. Yes, it's probably strategy on his part. I think Tarzan is brilliant! Whether his nominal aphasia is real, it's bloody fantastic. And though he certainly came across as a bit of a blubbering fool at Tribal Council, we've seen too many moments of clear lucidity and strategy to doubt his potential to be a frontrunner - or at the very least a fan favorite - in this game. I hope Tarzan stays around for a long, long time.

What did you think of Manono's decision to vote out Monica? Are you a Colton fan or foe - or both? How do you feel about the new direction of the game?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Survivor: One World - Episode 5 in 15 seconds

Some great moments in this episode! I keep saying this, but it's a very different season for me as a viewer this time, and though I'm not connecting as much to players just yet, I'm very much enjoying the ride and witnessing how things play out...

Standout moment: Tarzan (is he for real!?) and Jeff's clear adoration of Tarzan.

And your 15 seconds start.... now.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Survivor: One World - Episode Four: No-Tact Lesson 101

So usually I record my 15s Tout and write a longer blog post once I've had the time to mull over things a little bit, but I'm so outraged and fiercely entertained at the same time that I just had to type these thoughts out immediately. 

1. Colton is the most offensive, disgusting human being I can remember seeing on the show. 

I don't know what has happened to Colton, or if this is just how he is as a person, but his transformation from insecure, uncomfortable misfit to insulting, narrow-minded tyrant is very disheartening. He makes Matt look like a mildly annoying puppy. His comments about Leif being a munchkin and an oompa-lumpa were completely inappropriate, and his attitude and treatment of Bill was shocking to me - on both a human level as well as a game level. It is absolutely short-sighted and downright stupid of Colton to believe that his current position of "power" should allow him to behave that way. And I'm really "bum-puzzled" (LOVE it) that someone who is also different and must have faced adversity because of those differences could treat another human being the way Colton treated Bill. The fact that Colton is clearly educated and not, in fact, an idiot, is what makes all of this even more upsetting. All I can say now is: good casting CBS. Upsetting, but makes for some solid drama. 

2. On the other hand, I was extremely impressed by Bill's reaction to all of this. 

Bill - the stand-up comedian who's working his tail off to live his dream while sleeping on people's couches and struggling to make ends meet - turned out the be the bigger man in every way this episode. We've seen Bill, the fun guy; Bill, the guy you might not know how to take seriously; Bill, the potentially wishy-washy guy; and now Bill, the man who stands up for what he believes in without compromising his values. I hope all his dreams come true and I hope I get to tell him that in person one day. What he said after being voted out says it all: "He [Colton] judged me because of my differences and I accepted him because of his."

3. Now how about that Tribal Council, yo?! 

I could not stop laughing when I saw the guys walk into Tribal Council and Jeff's reaction to seeing them stroll in. It's true, it's a crazy crazy move, and hell, it could be a very smart one overall... but if it is, it will only benefit perhaps Troyzan, Tarzan, Jonas and Colton (unfortunately). Leif is a complete idiot (sorry Leif! but it's true...). The fact that he stayed in the game was utterly out of his control - and he was clearly surprised by it. This guy has zero chance of winning in my opinion. He'd be the perfect person to take to the Final Three. Time will tell how this will play out, but I think the Manono tribe members with the highest chance of success in my book are the ones who are going to lay close to the drama-seekers without creating any... i.e. Jay and Jonas. I hope Troyzan makes it far too. 

4. The Salani tribe is still struggling with communication, but overall - small problems! least small when compared to what the men were creating for themselves. I think it was unfair to give Alicia such a hard time with the puzzle. Chelsea was just as responsible as Alicia was, and honestly, as hard or easy as a puzzle might be, if you're psyched out, it's just not going to work. [Flashback to Ozzy's final challenge last season.] I think Alicia was upset about Kat's comment before the challenge, and I think they just weren't getting it and it spiraled out of control. It looks to me like the Salani tribe has gotten it together for the most part, and is dealing with the day-to-day issues of living with each other. I'm still 100% behind Monica. 

That's all for now this week folks! No video this week because a) I look terrible today (lack of sleep + post workout look + annoying blemish = not camera ready) and b) it's not really a post-episode reaction anymore... but this post is instead! Let me know what you all think about how this episode went down! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Survivor: One World - Episode Three: Places for Pride and Manipulation

Another super cool Survivor puzzle! 
This episode of Survivor saw me begin to feel some girl power solidarity... I'm still not super proud of my "team" so to speak, but even so, the men have fallen so deep into the chauvinistic and egomaniac stereotype that I can't help but feel defensive.

The exciting thing is: this season is inspiring many new reactions in me that previous seasons never have. That's not to say they're better or worse - but they're new, and that's saying a lot for a TV show that's been around for 24 seasons!

1. Should the girls be relying on the guys so much/at all/more?

In Richie Glanzer's blog post last week for Rob Cesternino's website, Sophie Clarke - winner of last season, and overall awesome chick who kicks ass as a representative of women anywhere - suggested that the girls weren't poaching off of the guys enough. She recommends playing the weak card and giving the men the impression that they are all-powerful... to then stab them in the back when the time is right. I have to say, my initial instinct was to wish for the women to be stronger and prove they don't need the guys; to tough it out like all the Survivor tribes before them who lost the tarp challenge and faced relentless rain had to do... But this season's set of rules should indeed breed a new set of strategies, and I think Sophie has a point. I'm still very eager to see how both tribes - and sexes - are going to continue to figure out what their best strategy might be. It's kind of like watching Season 1 all over again!

2. Shedding some light on the Manono [man?-oh-no] tribe proved they're not all d-bags. 

In previous episodes, viewers were slightly influenced to believe that all men - except for Colton - were egocentric, selfish, relentless, immoral bastards. [Flashback to them all agreeing to not continue competing in the first Immunity Challenge.] But this time, we finally got some more insight into the depth of the various tribe members. We got to see Bill through Colton's lenses (in my last post, I thought he seemed cool! as of this episode... it's hard to take him seriously), Matt through even darker scorned female lenses, and most of the members of the Misfits Alliance in redeeming lenses. My new favorite guy is Troyzan, who seems to have figured out a balance between being competitive and leveraging some power within his tribe while also being a gentleman and overall reasonable guy. Tarzan is also growing on me - aside from his ridiculous choice for a nickname. (At least Troyzan kept his original name in there...)

3. However, there's no way I could feel anything but totally thrilled that Matt got voted out. 

I don't like disliking someone on Survivor as much as I disliked Matt while watching the show. Especially now that I've met a whole crew... I know they're all really cool people playing the game the best way they know how - which let's face it, they usually don't seeing as they've mostly never played it before. [I can say I'd be an awesome player all I want, I really have no idea until I'm on that island dealing with the elements, the people I may or may not like, the challenges... That's part of the appeal!] Whatever kind of person Matt is in "real life," he handled himself extremely poorly on the show. Sure, he's strong and he was probably relying on that to be kept in the tribe. Of course, the tribe separation screwed him over in that sense and he had to find another strategy. But showing off your muscles and forming a macho-man tribe and strutting around thinking you've got all the power and being a total dick to the other tribe are certainly not appropriate strategy adjustments. If you want to hear something to help rid yourself of such strong feelings of animosity for someone you've never met, listen to his exit podcast with Rob and Nicole.

4. Is Colton a genius or a reckless drama king?

I mentioned in my last post that I felt strongly about the fact that Colton should have kept his Immunity Idol secret longer. And there he goes, flaunting it at Tribal Council like a diamond ring. But.... he doesn't use it like he says he would. Great - that maybe helps him for this Tribal Council, but how is he going to handle the rest? Does he seriously think that just because he has majority now and has made a point by helping to get Matt voted off (well, he wanted Bill off... so let's look at others for the job of puppeteer) that he's home free? If I were in his tribe, I'd stick with him, make him feel extra comfortable, and get his butt voted off as soon as I could, and the sooner the better. Colton is proving to be just as much of a power-hungry egomaniac as Matt...

I wanted to see more of the guys this ep, and my wish was granted! I'm still super pumped about this season and excited for the next episode! I think we're going to see a lot of adjusted strategies and interesting moves as the contestants get a better foothold on what their situation is... What are your thoughts and predictions? How do you feel about Matt getting voted off?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Survivor: One World - Episode 3 in 15 seconds

All I can say right now is: Good riddance Matt! If the Manono tribe was already getting on my nerves, Matt was a big part of that feeling of animosity. Hopefully his elimination will force the rest of the brawn to rethink their manly man strategy because clearly it's the wrong one.

More thoughts on the guy/girl dynamics in my upcoming blog post... and new players on my radar (Troyzan! I'm a fan.). Until then, check out my 15s Tout right here!