Thursday, March 8, 2012

Survivor: One World - Episode Four: No-Tact Lesson 101

So usually I record my 15s Tout and write a longer blog post once I've had the time to mull over things a little bit, but I'm so outraged and fiercely entertained at the same time that I just had to type these thoughts out immediately. 

1. Colton is the most offensive, disgusting human being I can remember seeing on the show. 

I don't know what has happened to Colton, or if this is just how he is as a person, but his transformation from insecure, uncomfortable misfit to insulting, narrow-minded tyrant is very disheartening. He makes Matt look like a mildly annoying puppy. His comments about Leif being a munchkin and an oompa-lumpa were completely inappropriate, and his attitude and treatment of Bill was shocking to me - on both a human level as well as a game level. It is absolutely short-sighted and downright stupid of Colton to believe that his current position of "power" should allow him to behave that way. And I'm really "bum-puzzled" (LOVE it) that someone who is also different and must have faced adversity because of those differences could treat another human being the way Colton treated Bill. The fact that Colton is clearly educated and not, in fact, an idiot, is what makes all of this even more upsetting. All I can say now is: good casting CBS. Upsetting, but makes for some solid drama. 

2. On the other hand, I was extremely impressed by Bill's reaction to all of this. 

Bill - the stand-up comedian who's working his tail off to live his dream while sleeping on people's couches and struggling to make ends meet - turned out the be the bigger man in every way this episode. We've seen Bill, the fun guy; Bill, the guy you might not know how to take seriously; Bill, the potentially wishy-washy guy; and now Bill, the man who stands up for what he believes in without compromising his values. I hope all his dreams come true and I hope I get to tell him that in person one day. What he said after being voted out says it all: "He [Colton] judged me because of my differences and I accepted him because of his."

3. Now how about that Tribal Council, yo?! 

I could not stop laughing when I saw the guys walk into Tribal Council and Jeff's reaction to seeing them stroll in. It's true, it's a crazy crazy move, and hell, it could be a very smart one overall... but if it is, it will only benefit perhaps Troyzan, Tarzan, Jonas and Colton (unfortunately). Leif is a complete idiot (sorry Leif! but it's true...). The fact that he stayed in the game was utterly out of his control - and he was clearly surprised by it. This guy has zero chance of winning in my opinion. He'd be the perfect person to take to the Final Three. Time will tell how this will play out, but I think the Manono tribe members with the highest chance of success in my book are the ones who are going to lay close to the drama-seekers without creating any... i.e. Jay and Jonas. I hope Troyzan makes it far too. 

4. The Salani tribe is still struggling with communication, but overall - small problems! least small when compared to what the men were creating for themselves. I think it was unfair to give Alicia such a hard time with the puzzle. Chelsea was just as responsible as Alicia was, and honestly, as hard or easy as a puzzle might be, if you're psyched out, it's just not going to work. [Flashback to Ozzy's final challenge last season.] I think Alicia was upset about Kat's comment before the challenge, and I think they just weren't getting it and it spiraled out of control. It looks to me like the Salani tribe has gotten it together for the most part, and is dealing with the day-to-day issues of living with each other. I'm still 100% behind Monica. 

That's all for now this week folks! No video this week because a) I look terrible today (lack of sleep + post workout look + annoying blemish = not camera ready) and b) it's not really a post-episode reaction anymore... but this post is instead! Let me know what you all think about how this episode went down! 

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  1. Colton was quite shameful, but more importantly, the fact that he could manipulate the rest of the tribe with an iron fist and get away with the ignorant and offensive comments he made during Tribal, that just shows an incredible lack of character among the Men's tribe. On a reasonably strong willed and sensible tribe, his butt would have been sent home ASAP.