Thursday, March 29, 2012

Survivor: One World - Episode Six: Too Soon?

...and then there were 12. And they were all alone.
Another eventful episode here on Survivor: One World. Here are my two cents!

1. There is no time on Survivor when picking on someone the way Colton and Alicia picked on Christina is a good move. 

That wasn't even strategic on their part... it was just plain mean. And clearly, with the merge upon them and Alicia without Colton's coattails (which weren't very reliable, but still) is going to suffer the consequences of her insensitivity and lack of foresight - and, well, brains. I'm glad Christina didn't let all that get her down. I'm not her biggest fan either, but her position is due more to the luck of the draw than her character. I hope she does stick it to Colton (post-elimination) and Alicia in some way.

2. I'm glad karma got Colton, but I wish the rest of the contestants had instead. 

I can't say I wasn't happy to see Colton get med'evac'd, but I do wish he'd been sent home in a more spectacular fashion... like let's say, a big kick in the metaphorical backside. Now, all we're going to hear for the end of time is how no one could touch him, how he could have won the whole thing, how he was controlling the game and everyone in it at all moments and how he's the best thing that ever hit Earth. At least that's the last I'll have to say about Colton. I pray he's not invited back on any season - though I don't see why he would be... I can't remember anyone being invited back who didn't make it to the merge. Good riddance bigot!

3. That merge came SO early, and I am NOT happy about it. 

I know they plan challenges and merges in advance and not as adjustments to the show, but this was just weird timing... Also, not cool! I wish they'd stuck to the One World idea longer, and I certainly wished they'd left more than 4 days for the new tribes to form proper alliances. At least when they mixed up the tribes, I felt like the die had already been rolled for the men/women alliances and the consequences already set up for each contestant... Here, it's like it was barely in its caterpillar phase... It'll still be interesting to see how things shape up now that it's an individual game, but I am disappointed they didn't stick to their twists a bit longer.

4. Survivor: One World; definitely a good season, but a very polarizing one at that. 

I will say this is one of the more exciting seasons I've seen in a while, but it's one I can't quite place on my list of favorites either. Favorite seasons always come with favorite contestants, and while there are some I really root/rooted for (Monica; Troyzan), there are many I feel completely indifferent about, a handful I find are making really poor choices in the game (Jonas; Leif), a good few who I really dislike (Colton; Alicia) and a majority I feel totally neutral about. And no one wants someone who they feel neutral about to win the game... So where does that leave this season? In the very very entertaining and eventful category.

What do you think about Colton's departure from the game? Will you miss him? Who do you think will be voted off first post-merge?

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