Thursday, March 22, 2012

Survivor: One World - Episode Five: Peasantries Aside

Bring in the self-titled peasants.
As I mentioned in my 15s Tout, this was certainly an entertaining episode! It's interesting to see one tribe start a positive roll while the other begins to disintegrate... and almost willingly at that. However, I was very upset that my season favorite so far got voted out. I had my doubts about her before the show started, but she really bought me over in the first few eps. Next up: Troyzan, don't let me down!

1. It's very disappointing that the Gendered Tribes and One World twists had to disappear so soon. 

I get that you need to shake up the game every now and then, but really, after just 12 days? Arguably, the gender twist has already had the effect it was going to have on the game, and redistributing the tribes will only build on that. But why take out the One World side of it? The season is called One World after all... I wish they would have stuck to it all the way to the merge - but then again, maybe the producers just know better. I'll have to have faith!

2. Greek Gods vs. Peasants?! Really?

Ok, I will admit that the tribe redistribution was slightly uneven... but honestly, throughout the game thus far, I thought all contestants were fit and/or smart and all brought certain strengths to the game. At first I thought it was to even out the tribes in terms of women and men - get the fittest women you can find and guys that will be able to compete on a mental level too. (Not that it's always defined like that - by no means!) I would have loved to just have the new Manono be confident and own it. And come on, they definitely had some strong members! Too bad they had to vote out the strongest in Monica. Talk about stupid...

3. It's just the luck of the game... And as this would have it, Kim and Chelsea are coming out on top.

Sophie was right, Kim could very well take this whole season. She was biding her time, and when things started going her way, she went after the Immunity Idol, made a thought-out and smart decision to share it with Chelsea and set herself up between two strong alliances that could take her to the end. I'll be very surprised if Kim and Chelsea aren't in the Final Five, and I'm confident at least one of them will be vying for the million dollars at the end. That's what I call forward-thinking and smart.

4. Forward-thinking and smart: two things that do not describe Mr. Colton Crumble.

I get that he's sharp; I see that he's manipulative; it's obvious he's power-hungry. Even if I'm willing to temporarily overlook the sheer short-sightedness/naïveté/idiocy of the ones who fall for his lies and obey his every demand, I can't understand why Colton would vote out Monica. I think it was Rob Cesternino that said a leader of a sinking ship goes down with the ship, and that's very true. Colton will either get blindsided (that's the hope!) or his tribe will just keep losing and once he gets to the merger his power will have evaporated. The best solution in this case - if Colton really wanted to vote out a girl - would have been to oust Alicia given that she actually has ties with the other tribe. If he'd gotten Christina and Monica on his side, he would have landed himself a much stronger alliance than the misfits + Alicia. It looks to me like Colton's just scared to partner with people his own size.

5. Don't underestimate the Tarzan. 

Yes, I hate his name. Yes, it makes him look a lot more brutish than he actually is. Yes, it's probably strategy on his part. I think Tarzan is brilliant! Whether his nominal aphasia is real, it's bloody fantastic. And though he certainly came across as a bit of a blubbering fool at Tribal Council, we've seen too many moments of clear lucidity and strategy to doubt his potential to be a frontrunner - or at the very least a fan favorite - in this game. I hope Tarzan stays around for a long, long time.

What did you think of Manono's decision to vote out Monica? Are you a Colton fan or foe - or both? How do you feel about the new direction of the game?

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