Thursday, April 18, 2013

Survivor: Caramoan - Episode Ten

You know this challenge was just made to get sexy
people covered in mud.
For a season that really started off slow, this one just popped a second epic Tribal Council in a row! Can't say the rest of the episode was great, though. Dawn's breakdown, which was completely overhyped, didn't really go anywhere, and then absolutely nothing exciting or strategic happened at the Reward...

THEN another Idol came into play, and Malcolm pulled another fast one on just about everyone, which thankfully played out in his favor this time. The question is: how many more tricks can Malcolm pull out? He's running out of resources, and I'm not sure just trying to get people to flip will work out for him...

All that and more in the video below!

PS. And because I forgot to do it in my video: here's a shoutout to all my Survivor friends, fellow fans, and vlog viewers/blog readers everywhere, all the way to the wonderful land of Australia!

PPS. Brenda got her first confessional this episode! For a full 3 seconds! Because I think she deserves some more time, here's another behind-the-scenes one of hers (I suppose that if they were all like that, I wouldn't have used valuable air time for that either... but who can be sure?)


  1. Cool Blog - and thanks for the shoutout :-)

  2. glad you enjoyed it! and you're welcome! :)

  3. You should add Ponderosa clips - they are just as entertaining as the show. The clips seem shorter this season, but still fun and a good insight into how the survivors feel after being voted out.

    1. you're right, they are pretty good. will start linking to them more! phillip seems so much more put together outside of the game...

    2. agree! maybe if phillip acted a touch more ermm put together in the game, he still be there.