Thursday, November 8, 2012

Survivor: Philippines - Episode 8 in 225 seconds

Were they lined up that way intentionally...??
Holy moly, what a great episode!!! This season is just full of great moments, and this ep was among the best I've seen, no doubt. Tribal Council was ridiculous, and so many outcomes were on the table. Turns out the least exciting (but maybe that'll make for the most exciting moves next week?) happened, but the process was amazing to watch nevertheless.

It looks like this season could go any which way and there are still a great number of variables that could swing things left, right or diagonally. My biggest question mark right now is WHAT THE HELL WERE PENNER AND SKUPIN THINKING!??? Their votes are what changed everything at Tribal and I wonder where they came from. Any theories?? I'd be curious to hear them. I'm going to say they concerted with one another beforehand and orchestrated this strategically, and if that's the case, I cannot wait to hear what their end game was.

While missing out on voting Malcolm out may be several people's demise, it's not over yet -- and well I certainly can't say I'm disappointed it didn't work out. I'm definitely definitely rooting for Malcolm the most, and Denise very closely after. And though I think it's a long shot for him, if Penner can make it to the Final Three, he certainly deserves to win too.

On my mind in images this week: Lisa's move, blow opportunities and their consequences, Malcolm's move with the Idol and future alliances...


  1. I'm glad Jeff got voted out! I have a bias towards the previous players, especially for Skupin (Outback is still my favorite season).

  2. Yeah I'm not upset that Jeff was voted out by any means, I just think he could have been taken out later in the game, whereas it'll be harder to get Pete/Malcolm out now that they know they're being targeted.

    I love Penner! Skupin is great too but he just seems a bit too out of it and not as strategic and present as Penner is, but he's great to watch. I like him a lot better this season that I did when he was in the Outback! I think it's normal to root for returning players. I do it all the time (hello Ozzy!!!) -- but that said, I couldn't STAND Russell Swan!

    Any non-returning players you want to see win?

  3. Just like you, probably Malcolm and Denise!