Thursday, April 12, 2012

Survivor: One World - Episode Eight: Here Come The.. Clowns?

Now THAT was an AWESOME Reward Challenge!
Though this season has definitely had its share of ups and downs and twists and turns, this episode highlighted some stronger strategic thinking. (Sure, Colton was also strategic, but I can't say I could see his strategy working out well on the long run.) With some of these moves and reactions, I've finally started respecting some of the contestants more -- separately from whether or not I like them.

1. Kim and Jay are the strategic frontrunners, even if they're not super interesting. 

Yes, Sophie and Rob C. predicted their dominance in the game far sooner than I did... And though I never contested it, I can actually picture one of them taking the cake quite clearly now. Kim's strategy is impeccable. Sure, she's not the most exciting person to watch, and her game seems almost too perfect, but she's playing extremely well. She's got options, she's making moves, she's curbing fires when they arise... and she's controlling the game in a way that's not going to cause people to totally hate her either. Jay on the other hand is certainly not in control of the game, but he's very aware of what's happening and making moves to protect himself until he can strike back. Kind of like chess I suppose... I wouldn't rule him out at all just yet.

2. I can't believe Troyzan fell for that...

As much as I like him, I'm pretty disappointed at how quickly he fell for Kim's trap. She played him like a fiddle and he didn't even think twice about it. That just goes to show that this season is lacking strategists... and those who are strategic are either total pricks or just not that likeable. That makes me question the whole 'what are you looking for in a contestant?' issue. Are we looking for clowns that entertain, smarties that control the game, or fools to make us feel like we'd be smarter? Ideally, a combination of all or some of those qualities... and I feel like a lot of the contestants this season aren't displaying a lot of depth.

3. Are the guys screwed?

It's all going to play out in the next episode... but basically, it's in Kim's hands. She could decide to forego her girls alliance and pair up with her original Chelsea, Sabrina, Troyzan and Sab, but without her doing that, the only obvious way a guy will make it further is by winning Immunity over and over and over again. But like I said above... I wouldn't rule out Jay just yet.

What are your thoughts on strategy this season? Disappointed? Impressed? Do you find the contestants interesting in a deeper way than for pure entertainment value?

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