Thursday, October 11, 2012

Survivor: Philippines - Episode 4 in 70 seconds

Palau // Philippines: The Curse of the Ps?
(minus Panama...)
Survivor fans! I hope this episode was as enjoyable for you all as it was for me! Twists and turns, misleading edits, unbelievable odds, sneaky moves and lots and lots of rain... it had it all!

Wow-wow-wow, I did NOT expect Matsing to lose AGAIN! And they were doing so well! And Denise is SUCH a trooper! The editing was so well done and the hope was so inflated that it really came as a shock when Kalabaw's pots broke before Matsing's. The only positive things about this outcome are that a)  it definitely provided some heart-pumping moments, b) we got to see more of Denise and Malcolm and c) we witnessed some serious game-playing when Denise and Malcolm were working Russell to make him feel comfortable -- particularly Denise. I was sure D. and M. would stick together, but Denise sure did a hell of a job buttering Russell up! Well done, and good riddance!

As for the rest... it's all in the video. Kudos to Pete's clever move with the clue, and happy to see some (a little) more Kalabaw and Tandang action -- all in memorable Survivor-esque shots that really remind you this game is for real.

Favorite quote of the night, and possibly the season: "Can I write you my own check along with the check that you get from Survivor?" [Russell to Denise] Now, that's the only opportunity he'll get to personally reward Denise for her great gameplay.

Note: Yes, I did film this in the kitchen. What can I say, the lighting was better! 

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