Thursday, October 25, 2012

Survivor: Philippines - Episode 6 in 120 seconds

Watch as this great big ball of complexity unwinds...
My my, how times flies...! We're already at the end of Episode 6 of the season, which means.... the merge is imminent! Every decision counts! (Well, every decision always counts, but they're even more important at this point in the game.)

I can't say this episode was the most exciting of the season, but it's a solid continuation of a strong season, and in that respect, it's still very much worth watching. There are really only two main things to discuss from this episode: the deal struck between Kalabaw (read: Penner) and Tandang (read: Mike Skupin), and Penner's actions which led his name to be thrown around preceding Tribal Council.

Things I'm looking forward to are Abi (hopefully) digging herself into a hole with her actions, RC picking herself up and getting back into the game (she's grown on me, what can I say?), the merge and seeing Malcolm and Denise reunite.

And here are my thoughts in 120 seconds... Go! [Note: I talked about the "Immunity Challenge" at the top of the video when I meant the "Reward Challenge..." Oops!]

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