Thursday, September 26, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode Two

Redemption Island challenges always
have me holding my breath... 
Let me start this post by venting a little bit.

Some guy wrote a comment on my video from episode one that supposedly revealed, according to a "reliable source," who was in the final three. Now, if you know anything about me, you know I hate spoilers -- especially Survivor spoilers. In fact, one of my close friends who watches the show loves spoilers, but still hates them when it comes to Survivor. I mean, why even bother watching a show like Survivor if you're just going to look up who gets voted out / gets to the end. So, I obviously deleted to the comment and told the guy to never do that again so I wouldn't ruin it for anyone else, but I also can't unsee it and I'm worried my commentary and predictions are now going to get skewed by what I've not read. I'm going to do my best to ignore it, but as I work on that, I ask that please, no one post any spoilers anywhere on my blog or YouTube channel or anywhere around me, really. Please.

Ok, rant over, and episode commentary a-go: I thought this was a solid episode, and I love how all the twists are coming into play. What I love even more is that the players are working the system and using those twists. Tonight's vote was all about that.

So in my video this week, I talk about the outcome at Redemption Island, Colton on Galang, Tadhana's strategy in voting and the new alliances / contestants that excite me.

Since last week, I've kind of lost some hope for John, but I'm still pumped about Vytas and Hayden. And Ciera really impressed me, so I hope she can turn the tides and play the Tadhana guys. For Galang, I'm still excited about Tyson and confident he'll make the right decision at Redemption Island, and my respect for Aras has substantially increased. I'm still excited about Tina too, and I hope Monica can live up to the potential I saw in her when she played in One World.

Check out my video below and comment away!

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