Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode Eleven

Could've been a very different season if Aras and Vytas
had played a little differently...
Remember when Survivor used to air a season recap / previously unaired scenes episode on Thanksgiving week? I never liked those, and am certainly happy that they're not not making us wait an extra week for new action during a crucial part of the season... But unfortunately this week that meant I was unable to watch the episode or record my vlog right on Wednesday... I hope you'll forgive the lateness!

So, we're coming really close to the end now... and of course that means moves must be made -- or players must forever hold their peace. I was happy to see Hayden and Caleb attempt to make such a move, and have to commend their effort.

Other comments you'll find in this latest video relate to what happened on Redemption Island, how Ciera impacted Hayden and Caleb's "big" move, and how awesome Monica is playing.

I also wish I had more time to listen to all the podcasts and after-show episodes out there each week. I listened to Rob Cesternino's interview with Aras as well as Dalton Ross' one. Lots of insightful stuff, and a great place to keep the conversation going. I also discovered the music video for one of Aras' songs -- or rather Odd Us' songs -- "Sword In The Stone," which is really amazing. Both the song and the video. I highly recommend watching it. 

And now... here's this week's vlog on Episode Eleven of Survivor!

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