Monday, May 14, 2012

Survivor: One World - FINALE in 15 seconds

Final 5 Girls
That's it! The season's over and Kim was crowned victor and Sole Survivor. I can't say I was surprised or particularly excited, but I do think it was deserved. She owned the game, both physically and strategically, and I go to sleep feeling a bit better about the whole thing because she didn't totally blindside and backstab everyone and actually stuck to some values and alliances by choosing to go to the end with Chelsea and Sabrina. Do I think she would have still won beside Alicia and Christina? Definitely. But I wouldn't have felt as good about it.

I also think the Final Tribal Council was very self-absorbed. Any respect Alicia might have earned in last week's episode in my mind was totally stalled in her completely self-promoting and somewhat delusional speech at Tribal. There were very few poignant and enlightening questions, and as much as I love Troyzan as one of the contestants this season, his question to Kim was just weird. I don't think there's any right or wrong answer to "when Kim's strategy to take him out began," and he certainly can't be the judge of it. Anyway, the right person won this season, and that's that.

As for the Reunion Show, Colton's chance at apologizing and eventually redeeming himself was wasted, and he just comes across as an even more ignorant and socially inept person. I completely agree with Jeff's comment that he's actually a contestant people hate, versus a villain people love to hate like Russell or Fairplay. All I can say, and I hope the Survivor gods hear me, is that I never want to see or hear of Colton again. The End.

Before moving on to thoughts about the season up ahead, here are my 15s on the Finale!!

So... Do you think the right person won? What are your thoughts about the three returning players twist for next season? Who do you hope to see? Who don't you hope to see? [Hope: Jonathan Penner / Dread: Colton] Let me know your thoughts!

Love and cuddles until next season... and maybe a few posts between now and then... :)


  1. Unfortunately, I think Colton will be coming back... I think they [survivor decision makers] want to see if Colton could mastermind a group again. Even if they don't, they will have to pick memorable people. I guess we'll find out in September!

  2. I don't know... I mean, I know producers like drama and think his controversial tactics make for good tv, but as Jeff said at the reunion show, people love to hate villains like Russell or Fairplay. they just hate Colton, period. I don't think they would invite him back... and not so soon. Well, at least, that's the hope! though i just looked at the whole list of contestants who were evacuated and there have only been 10 - two of which happened this season (colton and courtney). the ones i think are most likely to return are, in order of season: Mike Skupin from the Australian Outback (blast from the past!), Bruce from Panama, Penner from Cook Islands/fans vs. favorites, and eventually James (he did get med evac'd in fans vs. favorites for his thumb, remember? though he's been back a bunch of times and didn't do so well in heroes vs. villains... so i don't know). hard to tell! i really really really really hope Colton doesn't come back.