Thursday, May 3, 2012

Survivor: One World - Episode 12 in 15 seconds

Be careful what you wish for...! Yes, blindsides are exciting and cool -- if you're a spectator. Kat learned that -- and a lot of other things for that matter -- the hard way. At least it was nice to see Kim do something she didn't want to do for once! I think seeing her win the game wouldn't surprise me, but it would disappoint me in its predictability/lack of excitement.

When I say here that it's anybody's game, I would say everyone except for Christina -- which makes her an ideal Final Three contestant. I also don't think Alicia stands much of a chance. Kim put it just right when she said that the best thing about taking Alicia to the Final Three is that she thinks she's in control, but in truth she stands a very small chance of winning. So that would be my ideal Final Three if I were competing. For everyone else, it's yours for the taking if you can handle it. At this point, my personal (and invaluable) endorsement would have to go to Sabrina.

And without further ado... here are my 15s:

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