Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Survivor: South Pacific - Episode Ten: Stirred Not Shaken

The Men of Redemption battle it out. 
My deepest apologies for this much delayed blog post... What with all the Thanksgiving excitement and traveling, I let things slide.

But I'm back, and boy do I have some exciting posts coming up! But one thing at a time. Let's start by going over Episode Ten:

1. I would have really enjoyed seeing more of Ozzy, Jim and Keith on Redemption Island. 

Those guys looked like they were having such fun on Redemption Island! They're three smart, attractive and entertaining players, who probably said a lot of interesting things during their time together, of which we only saw a fraction. And I'm not going to lie, watching Ozzy win the challenge was a thrill, as always. I really hope he fights his way to the Final Three - though I doubt anyone would vote for him, unfortunately.

2. I wonder if people will start seeing through Coach's game of preaching and seduction... 

I am rooting for Coach all the way. I think he has done an incredible job amid many roadblocks, and I find him totally deserving of the grand prize. That said, the deeper we get into the game, the less convincing his comments on unity and family and religion become. As "honorable" as he claims to be - and as I think he is in truth - he is playing the game very consciously and very strategically, charming and seducing his way to the top, and there's something undoubtedly deceitful about that. His mini-speech to the tribe after voting Dawn and Whitney out seemed very flimsy to me, and I worry (and for entertainment purposes hope that!) his tribe will begin to see through his game. As Keith said so well on Redemption Island before hitting Ponderosa, "The longer Coach has them believing that they're all one tribe, the more likely it is that he wins the million dollars."

3. Shaking things up may be the more interesting thing to watch, but is it the wisest for the players involved? 

When Cochran, Albert, Dawn and Whitney were talking about turning on Upolu (and by extension Coach) to vote Edna out, I got excited. There was no better time to flip things around and not totally risk losing any stronghold you have in the game. But Sophie talked Albert out of it, claiming there was no reason to waver from the plan just yet, and that it wasn't in their best interest. Considering that Albert and Sophie are on the top of the food chain with Coach, I tend to agree with her... and though as a viewer I am tempted to shout "No! You must rid yourselves of the enemy now! Before it is too late!" in some kind of medieval-esque voice, I think I would also have second thoughts if I were on the show and risked a major backfire. That said, it's risks like these that brought Parvati to her victory in Micronesia...

4. Sophie may not be taking risks when it comes to voting, but she did in that Immunity Challenge... and it paid off.

Sophie is proving to be an important threat in this game! She's smart, strategic but discreet, and performs very well in challenges. She's consistently fighting for that necklace, and often close to winning it. A large bowl of rice and a whole lot of confidence got her Immunity this week, and she very much deserved it. The thing that intrigues me about Sophie is she seems to be playing it safer than I think she actually is. Maybe keeping Coach around is her intention... As deserving as he may be of the money and the title, the fact that Boston Rob - a returning All-Star - won last season might serve to his disadvantage, and as such, to Sophie's advantage if she's sitting next to him in the Final Three... I'm definitely keeping my eye on Sophie.

...and lucky for me, I got to meet her tonight for the viewing of Episode Eleven! Stay tuned for more on that soon...

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