Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thoughts on the Returning Survivors: Will Ozzy and Coach be able to Survive the First Elimination given Rob's Flawless Finish Last Season?

Extremely excited for Ozzy's return to the show. Although I wouldn't put him next to my all time Survivor superheros (Parvati, Rob and Russell...yes, in that order), I think he is one of the best players, physically (mm yes definitely physically) and strategically, that the show has seen.

As for Coach, I am quite surprised that he was chosen as the other returning player. Coach is definitely one of the most entertaining players Survivor has ever had but I would put him quite low on the list of players who are actually very good at Survivor. His sense of loyalty and uprightness in the game can make him a very good tool for a player who might eventually be winner of the show, but doesn't serve him well at all if he wants to win the game himself. JT was the only player in my mind who has ever really managed to pull off winning by playing almost a spotlessly clean game in Tocantins...and I just don't see Coach being able to pull that off.

Still having a superhero provider and a loyal dragon-slayer as the returning Survivors this season might put a very fresh spin on this season compared to having two of the greatest survivor strategists return last season. I am extremely excited to see what this season will bring. Now, on to how I think last season's results will affect the fate of the players this season.

Two interesting things happened last season - The team that supported Rob essentially gift wrapped the million dollars for him and the team that voted out Russell got anhilated as soon as he left. Strategically, voting out Russell so soon in and letting Rob get to the end so easily, were both extremely poor decisions. Don't get me wrong I am ecstatic Rob won but at points near the end I couldn't believe that the people he was playing with were making such poor strategic choices. This brings about a pretty big dilemma for players starting this season of Survivor: should we vote the returning players off early or keep them around?

This will partially be determined by how well Ozzy and Coach can make a case for keeping themselves around. They need to start things off by making themselves invaluable around camp and in challenges. I definitely think it makes sense to keep strong players around initially. There is always time to get them off later and numbers for a tribe are crucial going into a merge situation.

The second important thing is that Ozzy and Coach are no Russell and Rob. Coach can be an amazingly loyal ally throughout the game. A smart player should recognize that and use him. Ozzy is so charming and so physically able, that if he can woo some girls into being on his side, he should be good for quite a bit of the game. He is also lucky in that people often remember him as an amazing physical survivor and discount his strategic skills. Make no mistake Ozzy is a strategist through and through. In Cook Islands, he made his team throw a challenge a week in. And although he never went through with it, near the end of that season he definitely considered blind siding Yul many times.

Still there is no denying that after Rob's victory last season, Ozzy and Coach will have their work cut out for them. I, for one, hope to see them around for a bit. Good luck Ozzy and Coach!

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  1. Couldn't have said it better... You make very valid points. I think the mistakes made last season will definitely make this Redemption Island: Take Two very interesting.

    I would be surprised to see either Ozzy or Coach make it to the final two, even less win the game, but the exciting thing about this show is that you really never know what's going to happen. You can't rely on people's brains, nor can you rely on their stupidity.

    I never thought Boston Rob would win last season... and yet there he is, a million bucks richer. Or two. Or three if you count Amber.

    Hopefully, luck as well as wit, game and survival skills will help our fellow all-stars at least get into the game.

    And if I had to pick one over the other, I think it's no secret I would pick Ozzy. So I'm glad Jeff gave away that it looked like Ozzy had learned from his previous mistakes, and is getting his game on a little more. Because like you said, we have seen glimpses of it in the past, and I can't wait to see this new side of him.

    Check out Jeff's comments on why Ozzy and Coach were picked to return, and his predictions for them: