Thursday, September 15, 2011

Survivor: South Pacific - Episode 1 in 15 seconds

While eagerly watching the Survivor: South Pacific premiere tonight, I decided to do something different and actually follow what was happening on Twitter. (I've had to step up my Twitter presence for work, and have found that as long as I don't actually tweet about the uninteresting things I'm doing, but rather about the topics that interest me and hopefully other people, it's really a great tool!)

What I found out was a) there are TONS of people tweeting throughout the show, including Jeff Probst! b) I kind of loved the idea of responding to Jeff's comments and questions, c) Jeff was ALSO posting TOUT videos during commercial breaks, effectively making the 90 minutes of the premiere fly by and d) I'm really not cut out for the multi-tasking involved in watching Survivor, tweeting, reading tweets and watching Jeff's comments live from his living room at the same time.

On a more blog-related note, Jeff also made me discover TOUT, which I think is the perfect way to share my thoughts directly post-show, in 15 seconds.

So for now, before I articulate them better in a more detailed post, here's my Episode One Rundown from TOUT:

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  1. haha, watching this again, i look so angry at ozzy for daring to have a crush on someone. hmm...