Thursday, February 21, 2013

Survivor: Caramoan - Episode Two

How hilarious was it when Bikal's flag dropped?
Good thing it wasn't a bad omen for the challenge!
Another solid episode of this new season of Survivor, which still looks promising. Obviously though, there's still a lot to be learned and much still to be laid out, so I'm glad we got to see more of the Fans tribe this episode. We definitely needed to know them!

I was so glad to see the Favorites/Bikal win again! They're really so impressive when they're on their game. Erik, Brenda and Andrea killed it at that challenge! Such great teamwork! And Cochran placed himself well yet again this episode in the rope pulling section, so as to be helpful without holding the whole challenge on his shoulders. Malcolm -- taking risks yet again with the high-pressure role; SO glad he was able to pull through (with Philip's help, gotta say it like it is!). Brandon and Philip both provided as much entertainment as one could hope for. It's almost over-saturation with both of them on one season, let alone on one tribe!!! I'm game as long as they don't both stay all the way -- which I think is unlikely, so we're good.

As for the Fans/Gota, so many missteps, but also some promising moves from Sherri and Laura! (Note: Laura did get one of my Confidence Stars, just sayin'!) Shamar and Allie both get some talk time in the video below, obviously, along with Reynold, who's not quite living up to my Confidence Star in this case: alliance of four in a tribe of ten, romance on the first night, not properly hiding the Immunity Idol, calling out Shamar so obviously... need I go on?

Check out the video and let me know what stood out to you in the comments!


  1. Hi Diana, I am so glad to have found your website! I am a HUGE fan of Survivor but recently started blogging about it.

    As for the episode, I was glad the Favorites won too! I love Malcolm and Andrea, so rooting for them all the way. That was a scary one at the end though...

    If you'd like to read what I think of this episode, you can see it here:

    1. hey! thanks for stopping by! just checked out your post and left a comment. :) come back soon!

      ps. what do you say to featuring each other's blogs on our sites? i think we can add a widget with recommended blogs on one of the sidebars. you interested?