Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Survivor: One World - Episode One: Falling Into Unwanted Roles

Arms on chest? Nope.
Land on back? What's that?!
Yes yes, I know... Way to start blogging this season - I'm already late. But, to be fair and true to my blogger nature and my Survivor love, I am writing this before actually watching Episode Two.

I feel like this post needs to happen to clarify my rather tough 15s Tout last Wednesday. While I may have expressed some outrage at the behavior displayed by the men and women of Survivor: One World, I am nevertheless very excited about this season, and I think the twist is going to bring a lot of new tactics and emotions to the fore that we might never have seen yet on Survivor.

So let's get started!

1. When did men vs. women mean you had to fall into all the stereotypes? 

Let me make this clear: I am not saying that CBS typecast their ladies and gents this season. What I am saying is I've never seen any tribe try less hard to make a fire in all the seasons I've watched of Survivor and I've never seen a group of men act that macho and self-important either. Yes, perhaps it is in part due to the editing, but let's face it - editing can't happen without the material to make it happen. Not letting the girls finish the challenge?! Seriously? How f*cked up is that!??? Stealing supplies from them in the first few minutes of the game? So low. So, so low. And girls, why d'you have to start running after the guys like that for fire? You lost all the respect and intimidation you might have earned by catching the chickens and standing your ground. Overall, I'm pretty disappointed with the character and lack of determination some of these contestants have shown. I'm trying to find excuses for them, but I just can't right now. But I do have confidence they'll all grow a backbone and start being decent human beings as opposed to shells of what they seem to think they should be.

2. Colton could either be really smart, or really short-sighted. 

It's hard for me to really be sure either way, because I don't know what I would do in his situation when you're living on the same beach as your tribe and your potential allies who don't happen to be on that tribe. I definitely think he was a little reckless in showing his affinity with the girls so overtly, but clearly his networking paid off because he got himself a sweet Immunity Idol. I'm curious to see how he's going to repay Sabrina for her generosity. (Also, I do think Sabrina made the right call strategically. If Colton gets votes and flips them to eliminate some other macho d*bag from his tribe, it'll be a major win for the Salani ladies.) Also, I'm hearing a lot of people compare Colton to Cochran, and I have to say, I entirely disagree. I'm not saying they might not resemble each other's behavior in episodes to come, but right now, there's really not much to compare them aside from the fact that they were both perceived as the weaker links from the get-go. But there's always one of those. Cochran proved he had game; we have yet to see if Colton does.

3. Pay attention! Or get out. 

Listening is key to your survival in the game. Listening to others, listening to yourself... Listening to Jeff Probst. He clearly said "keep your arms on your chest and land on your backs," and he said it multiple times. I know it's a lot to take in, and I know it's the first Immunity Challenge, but seriously, so few contestants actually paid attention to that... and it penalized Salani when Kourtney got hurt. I really liked her too. Sure, it sucks they lost Immunity the way they did, but everyone needs to start paying attention if they're going to have any hope of getting deep into the game.

Clearly, this episode and this season have got me going! I hope they won't bail on the concept too early like they have in the past (Amazon; Cook Islands) and I can't wait to see more! Episode Two, here I come.

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